Thank you for allowing us to recover hard drive data.

What some clients say about us:

Everything went smoothly and as expected. We had no issues whatsoever.
Richard L.

They were very good. It went very well. They were quick and responsive.
Marsha M.

Did much more than originally promised and warned me that it could take a long time to recover the data. They were very responsive and willing to share information. They worked extremely hard to do the right thing and make sure that I did not have any issues when I left. Great people!
Daniel P.

I intend to use their service again for my own home computer, and would recommend him to others without hesitation.
Laurie S.

..very fair and didn’t charge for the time spent on the unresolved issue. I would highly recommend using this company and will do so again in the future.
Sharon H.

The technician was very helpful and upbeat concerning my problems. He tackled the critical task of saving as much data off the drive as possible – he recovered everything I needed. He then set about trying to diagnose the problems and see if there was any fix that could be expediently accomplished. He was very knowledgeable and very efficient trying various utilities and procedures to try to get the machine to boot.

He was very helpful and informative as we waited for various attempts at recovery to run their course. He answered all my questions about computers in general, hard drives, and gave opinions as to possible causes for some other computer problems I was having on other machines.
At the end, Luis, the owner showed up, and he was also very friendly and concerned with the solution to my problem.
All in all, I was very pleased with the response and work done by the Critical Update folks, and with all the effort being done at a more than fair price. I will definitely return there if/when I have computer issues.
Wayne L.

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